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From 2011 we offer our customers a software solution in the form of ATTIS tools for process management in an organization.

Application of BPM is currently on the top of an imaginary pyramid of management control, but the company itself too. The tool provides a visual representation of the activities of the company, how the time and volume metrics fulfill established standards, etc.

It's a functional element in relation to the infrastructure (networks, servers, applications) and also in relation to the internal data of the company. Application for monitoring and evaluation process is an ideal tool for process optimization, and measurement or evaluation of employees, as well as evaluation of efficiency od individual departments.

With the help of this tool is no longer need to map the situation by administratively and time-consuming processes, with BPM tool are this information always handy with the possibility of generating in real time. The standard of this software is displaying graphic and numerical information in a dashboard with posibility of displaying and saving in different formats.

A more detailed description of the ATTIS tool will find onour website (CZ), which is also a link to the homepage of the manufacturer (EN).

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