Key competences in VET

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Key competences in VET
ENSR; (RegioPartner, s.r.o. – subcontractor pro Českou republiku)
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The overall purpose of this study is to investigate the implementation of VET policy priorities, as defined in the 2010 Bruges communiqué and the 2015 Riga conclusions in the EU-28, Iceland and Norway and to contribute to continuous learning in VET policy development.

The study consists of four main tasks
1. mapping and analysing 2020 national policy objectives and national policies related to embedding key competences in IVET implemented since 2011;
2. analysing learning outcomes as described for IVET qualifications, informing programmes (curricula) leading to qualifications and assessments (e.g. examinations);
3. conducting a policy impact evaluation on the effectiveness and efficiency of policies promoting key competences in VET;
4. identifying and studying failed policies, meaning policies that promoted the embedding of key competences in IVET, but did not or only partly succeed.