RegioPartner Division

The company RegioPartner, s.r.o. is a consulting firm and exists in the market since 1997, while in recent years, the company have undergone a significant change in its profile.

Since 2004, the company has primarily concentrated on issues of regional development (regional concept of economic nature) and the EU Structural Funds (creation of programming documents, draft implementation structures and mechanisms of implementation, evaluation of programs and processes, creating projects and grant management, etc.).

The company´s know-how is based on detailed knowledge of the use of public funds (both national and European), while this knowledge is not only built on a theoretical basis, whoever is amplified by concrete projects (work) done in the field (for details see. Completed projects).

In addition to the permanent staff the company has a portfolio of experts, with whom it cooperates according to the nature of each particular projects. All potential knowledge and experience of experts are fully utilized in solving current projects.

Key qualifications of RegioPartner, s.r.o.

  • economic and social cohesion and structural funds (programming, implementation);
  • evaluation of programs and projects;
  • issue of public funding;
  • processing projects financed from EU SF;
  • leading, monitoring, controling and evaluation processes of public support;
  • Legislation and Policies of the EU & Legislation and Policy of the CR
    • processes and mechanism of the CR and EU administrations;
    • the analysis of legislation and sectoral policies of CR and the EU;
  • regional policy and regional development from the perspective of economic and social activities;
  • the concept of regional economic nature;
  • problems of tourist industry.


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