Programme, process and project evaluations

Evaluation of programs and processes is our key specialization.

The aim of evaluation is to bring an objective analysis of a given policy, program or project and contribute to its more efficient and effective future implementation.

We provide evaluation focused on:

  • evaluation of goals
  • evaluation of processes
  • evaluation of qualitative changes

Our evaluations are usually carried out for practical purposes and therefore cover a particular procedure, program, institution or similar issues..

We process evaluation s at any point in time of the process / program / project, i.e.

  • ex-ante evaluation (evaluation of planning: before the start of the process / program / project)
  • ongoing evaluation (formative evaluation: during the implementation of process / program / project)
  • ex-post evaluation (summative evaluation: summary evaluation at the end of the process / program / project)

Our approach to the evaluation process is based on a thorough collection of information and their professional treatment in order to obtain a reliable basis for any decision of the responsible subjects.

While evaluating, we employ a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods and techniques such as:

  • questionnaire
  • experiment
  • opinion poll
  • qualitative analysis
  • qualitative research
  • observations
  • case studies
  • statistics
  • hypothesis testing
  • verification


The key issue of every evaluation is to ensure a fair and factual assessment, appropriate attribution of weights to individual information, researches, etc., including the establishment of an evaluation expert forum.

Evaluation is also defined as a process of reviewing financial management of public budgets and consequent optimization of such budgets in order to maximize effectiveness of financial flows.

We specialize in evaluation of the EU Structural Funds usage. Our clients consist mainly of governing bodies of state institutions – such as Ministries or Regional Councils.


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