Processing of Ex-ante evaluation of the draft Strategy of Karlovy Vary for period 2014 - 2020


Name of the project:
Processing of Ex-ante evaluation of the draft Strategy of Karlovy Vary for period 2014 - 2020
Regional Office of the Karlovy Vary Region
RegioPartner, s.r.o.
Date of implementation:
01/2012 – 06/2012
Description of the project
The aim of Ex-ante evaluation was to assess the draft strategy in relation to both European and national level), and the context of the current situation of the region.
Ex-ante evaluation of the draft strategy focused primarily on assessing:

- relevance of the strategy (a strategy that corresponds to the identified needs)

- effectiveness of the strategy (whether the targets will be achieved)

- efficiency strategy (whether implementation will achieve the objectives)

- usefulness (assessment of the likely impact against broad social, economic and environmental needs) and its long-term sustainability.

Another part of the ex-ante evaluation related to the internal and external coherence in relation to the structure of the strategy and its financial allocation and linkages with strategies of the other regional and national policies and Community policies, and also aimed to examine the potential risks of the program, both in relation to the choice of policy and in relation to the expected implementation system.
Ex-ante evaluation include assessment of:
- appropriate solutions to the problems of the concerned region
- whether the strategy was well-defined, with clearly defined priorities and objectives
- whether they were part of the quantified targets and whether their achievement track
- whether the program management was effective and transparent
- whether the program suggested a suitable way of implementation and monitoring.
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