Process Management

Offer implement process solutions to our company relates not only to clients of the private sector, but our experience and knowledge can be used as a public institution, which is intended to primarily assess the performance of the organization according to the CAF.

Together with the analysis of processes of organization and implementation of process management services offer a simple and versatile software tool ATTIS, which helps with effective organization and increasing the efficiency of processes and employees in the organization.


Services of Process Management
Definition of Process Management
The process is a logical sequence of actions transforming any input to any output, the performance of individual activities in the process is provided with clearly defined roles, responsibilities. The entire process is managed, monitored, measured, evaluated and continuously improved, which is the responsibility of the owner process.

 Every society depends on its efficiency and effectiveness, therefore it is necessary to ensure optimal functioning of its processes. The basic range of activities from the perspective of process management is a precise analysis of the current state of processes and process structures in the monitored organization.

Process management is a set of activities related to planning and performance monitoring of implementation of business processes in particular. It uses knowledge, experience, skills, tools, techniques and systems to define, visualize, measure, control, information and process improvement to meet customer requirements in the current optimal cost-effectiveness of their activities.

The aim is to perform a process management in the study institution called the audit processes and procedures. On this basis, identify opportunities and risks as well as strengths and weaknesses of the organization, which are subsequently proposed a new effective and efficient solutions to remedy these deficiencies or how to use these advantages for an organization to maximize both the value added of key processes, outputs and also the image of the company / institution.

An important component of the introduction of process management is the aforementioned audit. Its aim is to examine and evaluate the current status of the operation processes and procedures chosen for the organization and a qualified person independent opinion on the viability of the activities of the organization, ie to measure the level of compliance with established internal criteria or applicable laws.

The entire audit process is focused on the following areas:

  • Process audit
  • Organization audit
  • Audit of staff
  • Audit of information / informatics
  • Economic audit
  • Audit of project management (methodical, factual, contractual)
  • Audit of the quality management system
  • Audit of supply services


CAF Services

The CAF is designed specifically for public sector organizations with regard to their specific needs and so that the principle of quality control and most effective results were achieved by the organization. The aim of the CAF is to improve the performance of public sector organizations provided assistance for self-assessment framework.


CAF (Common Assessment Framework) is a model for evaluating the quality and level of performance of the organization in its relations with customers / citizens, employees and other companies, which are created based on management strategy and planning with the help of staff, used by partnerships, internal and external sources and processes .

The CAF is intended for use in all parts of the public sector, is applicable in public sector organizations at national, regional and local level. It can be applied in different situations, eg as part of a complex project optimization and reform, or as the basis for targeted improvements in individual public sector organizations. In some cases, especially in large organizations, can also carry out self-evaluation in the organization, eg in the selected department or section.

CAF tool was created under the aegis of the Public Service Innovation (IPSG), ie a working group of national experts established by the Director-General responsible for public administration in order to promote cooperation in new methods of modernization of public administration and public services in EU Member States.

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