EU Structural Funds grants

Securing funding from A to Z - we provide a comprehensive consulting services in the area to ensure the whole process of obtaining and using grants from the EU funds, from providing information on grant opportunities through the processing of grant applications to grant management of your projects.

We provide a subsidy to any potential recipient, we focus mainly on obtaining grants for municipalities, cities, community associations and micro-regions.



Subsidy Anylysis Strategy Papers (Strategy Policy of Provisioning)


For clients from the community of the municipalities we process "Strategy of subsidy policy of municipalities".

It is a strategic document , which is based on an analysis of possible subsidy programs and the real intentions of the given municipality to draw a detailed plan for implementation of projects financed from the EU SF in the programming period of the year 2013. The aim of this approach is to plan activities so that any municipality possessing limited financial resources would maximize the income from subsidies from the EU SF and implement its development plans.

A part of the Strategy is an overview and detailed specifications of individual project ideas and their optimal distribution on the timeline, including cash flow, financing plan for appropriate resources, etc..



Processing Applications and Related Documentation
For clients - applicants for grants from the EU SF in particular, we provide following activities:


  • development of basic or expanded feasibility study
  • processing of project financial analysis and all economic sections of the application, including attachments
  • processing Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)
  • completion of electronic applications, including the compulsory Annexes, assistance in securing funding
  • assistance in locating some of the mandatory attachments (eg, EIA studies)



Grant Management
Grant Management is a comprehensive system for monitoring compliance with conditions important to monitor to successfully gain grants as well as help with administrative tasks in order to reduce potential risks associated with taking the curtailment or already approved grants.


For clients - the beneficiary of the EU SF, we provide all functions related to project management, including:

  • tuning the conditions for granting subsidies
  • security of tender for supplier
  • publicizing the project
  • preparation of applications for payment
  • processing the required forms (General Government, etc.)
  • monitoring and reporting the performance of mandatory indicators
  • monitoring project implementation schedule
  • processing of the final report


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