EN - Evaluation of Market Practices and Policies on SME Rating


Name of the project:
Evaluation of Market Practices and Policies on SME Rating
Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry
Date of implementation:
01/2013 – 03/2013 (Expected completion)
Place of implementation:
EU Member States
Place of our site investigation
Czech Republic and Slovak Republic
Description of the project
The overall objectives of the study are to have an overview of the bank practices in rating/scoring of SMEs and of the feedback they provide to SMEs, on a voluntary base or upon request from SMEs. The evaluation will:
- Evaluate rating/scoring systems used by banks, with particular attention on the use of qualitative ratings;

- Assess whether and what type of feedback is provided to SMEs, e.g. just a code or also the underlying assessment, with a focus on the implementation of the CRD provision mentioned below;

- Investigate in depth the effectiveness and benefits provided by such feedback and how it is improving SMEs chances of getting better bank financing.
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