Adviser EURO division

The company ADVISER-EURO, a.s. changed hands in 2010 and now belongs to the portfolio of RegioPartner s.r.o.. Its activities started in 1999 and the main mission was of providing economic analysis and analysis of the manufacturing industry and related services.

After establishment of the regions in 2000, the company also focused on regional analysis and in particular the creation of data bases for such analysis. Over the past 10 years the company has developed specific know-how for regional calculations and data modeling.

With regard to the sensitivity of the economic data informations of companies and institutions strictly follow standardized procedures for working with data so that the results do not contain individual data. It stands to reason that all employees who come into contact with data files have the competence to handle individual statistical data and are bound by a promise of confidentiality under the Act No. 89/1995 Sb., about National Statistical Service.

Key qualifications of ADVISER-EURO

Industry and services sector

  • Analysis of financial and economic indicators of non-financial sector, especially manufacturing and related services
  • Preparation and analysis of data
  • Financial - economical Indicators


Regions of the Czech Republic

  • Risk analysis and prediction of development of economic activities in regions of the Czech Republic to the level of basic unit
  • Analysis of the regions in the level ZÚJ of the resource data of ČSÚ
  • Creation of economic models - modeling of developing the regions
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