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The company RegioPartner, s.r.o. is a consulting company which has existed on the market since 1997. Its activities are mainly concentrated on the issue of regional development (regional concept of an economic character) and EU structural funds (program documents, implementation structure and mechanisms, evaluations, project management).

The company RegioPartner, s.r.o. uses several years of practice in the area of the internal functioning of the state administration and, at the same time, its wide experience in the area of processes which are related to the use of public sources for the preparation of the Czech Republic for the use of EU structural funds (SF EU). This mainly concerns knowledge of EC legislation and its application in relation to the establishment of the SF system in the Czech Republic. This closely relates to the experience with the preparation of the strategic program documents, their evaluation and the consequent implementation.

The important specialization of the company is the evaluation of programs, processes and projects, the preparation of implementation mechanisms for the receipt of EU structural funds and preparation of strategic development documents and studies.

On the other hand more activities are aimed to the analysing of economic and social aspects of regional development. In terms of the preparation of strategic development documents and studies

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