Inclusive Entrepreneurship Country Policy Assessment


Název projektu/zakázky:
Inclusive Entrepreneurship Country Policy Assessment
Termín realizace:
2016 - 2017
Stav realizace zakázky:
Projekt byl dokončen.
Popis projektu
The aim of the project was to prepare an assessment grid and a country policy assessment report. The assessment report has four sections:
 - a description of the country’s targets and objectives related to business creation and self-employment by the unemployed and social target groups, together with its commitments and new policy actions, linking to Europe 2020 targets;
 - a breakdown of business creation, entrepreneurship and self-employment rates and trends in the country by employment status and social group together with data on the barriers faced to entrepreneurship; 
 - an assessment of current policy actions, recent changes to policies or significant programmes and plans for future policy actions in comparison with policy needs and international good practices; and
 - policy advice for improving policy implementation and design and addressing policy gaps.